Dome Interiors

Luxury all-in domes are also available from us, including even the bathroom.Fresh flowers also make the dome more beautiful. They make the space more vivid. Your visitors will surely be delighted to see the flowers as they enter the dome.Interior designers like triangulation, the idea of ​​repeating a color or shape three times in a space. Use a bold color in the dome, such as a yellow pillow, chair, and vase. Place three vases of the same color but different shapes on a coffee table. Use the same fabrics on pillows, blankets and puffs.Last but not least, use the shape of the geodome sphere. Remember to decorate a unique interior. Place the furniture away from the dome walls. Surprise your guests with bold interiors with a little homeliness.


As the dome has no internal supports, it allows a very large open space. Geodesic domes are the easiest and one of the most efficient means of exploiting space.

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